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Should your boss offer unlimited vacation?

August 8, 2011

In the August 15, 2011 issue of Maclean’s magazine, there was a cover story entitled “What if your boss offered you unlimited vacation?” that I felt was quite intriguing.

Yes, most of us love our vacation time.  And likely many of you have been up to a cottage or resort already this summer and wondered how you can experience more of this relaxation in your life.  But, should the boss give unlimited vacation time and what would that do to productivity?

To me, the underlying issue is not vacation time but trust.  And I believe that having faith in your employees is critical to having an engaged workforce. The idea is the more trust you have in people, the harder they will work for you.

And I can hear the critics out there saying ‘What about the people who would take advantage of the system if we gave unlimited vacation?’ My response to that is if you are worried about people taking advantage of the system then you have the wrong people working for your company.  If you have the right people working for you and they are engaged and enjoying their work, they will not “take advantage of the system.”

So to answer the question if your boss (or you) should offer unlimited vacation, that is really for you to decide what is right for your organization.  But where I will weigh in is that employee engagement is priceless and having some faith in your employees will go a long way.

At Potential Unlimited, we work with organizations to greatly increase their employee engagement through our Corporate Culture and Engagement Assessment and Strategic Planning Program as well as through our Corporate Wellness consulting and Coaching.

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