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Timing is everything…

August 16, 2011

Last year, I was reading the book ‘Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow, by Marsha Sinetar.  There is one story in the book that really hit a chord with me.  If you are contemplating a change in your life and not sure when the right timing would be for you to go for it, take a read and I hope this story will help you too.

“My father was an excellent risk taker.  He taught me how to be one  too.  He likened risk-taking to passing a car. If you can see just a little bit ahead of you that the road is clear, it is usually safe to go ahead.  He preferred to wait until he could see more than just that little bit: that way, he believed, the odds against a car or anything else getting in his way were in his favour.  But if there is even a suspicion that another car is coming or that the bank is too steep or that the curve is too sharp, then it is best to wait until the correct opening comes along.  Be patient.  It will come.  My Dad never had an accident and he also was a real success – in life and business.”

I really like this story because it is about calculated risk taking and also about listening to your gut instinct.  Not trying to do everything all at once, and also, not letting life go by without never grabbing a hold of what you want to do.  In the work we do at Potential Unlimited with coaching clients, one of the biggest issues we work on is to help people understand how to really tune into themselves to figure out what they want to do and then learn to listen to themselves (and not the voices of everyone around them) so they know when the right timing is for them.

If you are one of those people  contemplating a change in your life right now, congratulations!  As stressful as this time can be for you, it is a necessary transition to help launch you into the next amazing phase of your life.

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  1. G. Greenham permalink
    August 27, 2011 11:54 am

    Sounds like some very good advice to me! I will try it.

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