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Why exercise is important to you

September 8, 2011

Often in the work I do coaching clients, we discuss how to incorporate more exercise in their lives to look and feel their best.  As well, numerous studies have shown that daily exercise boosts productivity at work.

I am a fitness enthusiast myself, having competed in triathlons and being a certified fitness leader and personal trainer.  I also  give credit to my exercise routine for helping me in my corporate life along my climb up ‘the ladder’ to the role of an executive.  Keeping active allowed my mind to remain sharp and also was a great way to burn off stress.

If you are not already including exercise as a daily part of your day, what are you waiting for???

Here’s the article that tweaked my interest…

Workers ‘need to exercise more’


Workers are being urged to take more physical activity after a new study found more than two out of five people get out of breath walking up stairs or running for a bus.

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) said a poll of 2,000 adults shows women are more likely than men to admit that simple everyday activities leave them out of puff.

More than 150 physiotherapists will on Thursday visit workplaces across the country to encourage people to adopt a healthier lifestyle, dubbing it Workout at Work Day.

CSP chairman Ann Green said: “Physiotherapists see the consequences of inactivity every day and it’s a real concern that so many people are left out of breath by relatively simple tasks.

“Time and financial pressures obviously prevent many people from taking exercise but Workout at Work Day is about showing people the cheap and easy ways that it can be built into any daily routine.” Read more

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