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My Mother-in-Law

September 20, 2011

Let’s face it, Mothers-in-law have a bad reputation. Mine didn’t make it to my wedding. She wasn’t at the hospital when I went into labour, waiting for her son to emerge and announce our girls’ births. In fact, my Mother-in-law has never even held any of her beautiful grandchildren. She died 13 years ago, after two bouts of breast cancer which eventually spread to her thyroid. She was 60 years of age.

Marilyn Oestreicher (coincidentally Marilyn is also my own Mother’s name) was a teacher in many ways. She committed her life to teaching elementary school children and cherished her two sons and her husband, John. Although she died long before my husband and I started dating, I was fortunate enough to have known her for many years since we lived in the same small-town community.

When I think of Marilyn, I think of her professionalism, her warmth, her fairness, her strength and her love for her family. And sometimes when I look at my husband and our girls, I see glimpses of Marilyn in them and know that she would be so proud of her family.  The woman who had two sons would have loved her five granddaughters (we have three sweet nieces).

As October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, approaches I think of what I can do to help. First, it is a reminder to me to savour every minute of my valuable life. Secondly, it reminds me of the importance of regular doctor’s visits and self examinations. But thirdly, I feel there is something more I can do to help further breast cancer research in hopes that some day no family will be left scarred by the loss of a loved one due to breast cancer.  As such, I am donating half of all proceeds from Potential Unlimited’s coaching sessions for the first week of October to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. I would like to thank in advance all of my clients, and new clients, for their support of both themselves in taking the plunge to work with Potential Unlimited to live their best lives NOW, but also for helping to make this donation to a very worthwhile cause.

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