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Numbers Don’t Have to be Scary!!

October 17, 2011

Do you feel intimidated or lost when your CEO starts talking about the corporate finances? Do you understand how you actually impact your organization’s bottom line? Would you feel more confident if you understood the basics of accounting and could talk the talk with the leaders? If so, take a read of this article written by my husband, Jeff, who holds a CA designation and is also an accounting college and university professor as well as the lead instructor for Potential Unlimited’s course The Bottom Line. The Bottom Line is a one-day course that teaches those in non-financial disciplines about finances. Take a read.

By: Jeff Oestreicher

Just like some of those ghosts and monsters that are getting ready to come to your door on Halloween, accounting numbers can be scary.    However, accounting is the language of business and these numbers are a crucial aspect of any organization.  Learning how to find meaning in these accounting numbers is a valuable skill that can help you better understand your business.

The Bottom Line helps you become familiar and comfortable with accounting and financial terminology and what it all means.   By linking financial concepts to your personal life and terms you can easily understand, The Bottom Line will help show you some basic tools and techniques needed to comprehend the financial part of the business, both how it relates to your specific job as well as to the overall company’s bottom line.

One such concept discussed in the course is to be sure to always look at the cash flow of the business.   As the saying goes “Cash is King.”  Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that if you’re making a profit, you’ve got money.  Just like in your personal life, just because you may be earning a decent salary doesn’t mean you necessarily have money for that nice new Corvette! Click here to find out more about The Bottom Line one-day course.

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