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Where is Your Water Forest? A Story for Overextended People

November 27, 2011

I recently went with my family to see a theatre production, At Nightfall, at the Burlington Centre for Performing Arts. My toddler lasted about two minutes until her Daddy had to take her out to play some games in the lobby, but that is another story…

The storyline of the play was about a busy, successful shoemaker, Auguste, who after years of working so hard in his business was becoming very burnt out and started to question the real purpose of his life. His assistant bought him a train ticket that took him to a magical place, The Water Forest, where he met some interesting creatures. This place, and these creatures who lived their lives so unconcerned about achieving and money, helped this man to rejuvenate and he left there feeling rested and a changed man.

Where is your “Water Forest?” Where do you go when you are stressed and feeling overextended? What do you like to do to burn off some steam?

For me, I have found there are actually quite a few places I go (only some of them are geographical locations) that help me become more grounded and gain better perspective in my life. First of all, I love going to the spa. That self-care experience and the calming environment often found at spas makes me feel so at peace. On the other end of the spectrum, I really enjoy exercising, especially in nature. Spending time with my family and friends helps me unwind and so does travel. Meditation is something I have really embraced over the past few years and has helped to bring me great peace.

As I was sitting watching the production, seeing this shoemaker dressed in his business suit being transformed in this beautiful location, it suddenly dawned on me that Potential Unlimited’s Ultimate Retreat is The Water Forest for stressed out leaders. The Ultimate Retreat is designed specifically for executives who feel just like the shoemaker, Auguste. These people have worked so hard for years and then eventually, start to feel burnt out, irritable and even bored with parts of their lives. Does this sound familiar?  Are you are trying to be all things to all people? This strategy in your life may work for some time, but it is not sustainable. Eventually something has to give. And sadly, that something is you.

The people who sign up for The Ultimate Retreat have a feeling deep down inside of them that this isn’t how their lives are suppose to be. They are not working so hard to feel like this. They deserve more. But, they are caught in the daily routine of their current lives. Quite frankly, these people are stuck and aren’t sure how to get out of this situation.

When I take executives away on the Ultimate Retreat, hosted at the beautiful Red Mountain Resort in Utah, they participate in  experiential learning that really allows them to dig deep within themselves to find out what’s going on. Why are they constantly pushing? What would happen if they stopped – would they lose it all or would their families suffer? Or, would they be able to  let go of the chains that bind them and end up living happier, more successful lives?  During the Ultimate Retreat, we really unlock what is going on with each individual, help them create healthy habits to move forward, living a life that is really authentic to who they are, both as leaders as well as the beautiful people they are who have so many gifts to share with the world.

If what I am talking about resonates with you, I urge you – both for yourself and also for the rest of the world that you are denying the beauty of who you really can be – to take a look at the itinerary and learning objectives for this retreat…and sign up today. Don’t put it off. I only have a limited number of spots because it is such an intimate experience. We don’t think twice about spending money on landscaping or shopping or buying Christmas gifts for other people. I am asking you (or your company) to invest in you. You are worth it.

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