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Potential Unlimited’s Fitness Challenge Starts NOW!

January 4, 2012

Is this the year you have committed to getting into shape? Are you tired of feeling sluggish and that your clothes don’t fit you the way you’d like them to? Do you look in the mirror and feel like you are living in someone else’s body – you don’t recognize those arms, stomach or legs anymore? Well if you feel this way or if you are just interested in pushing your fitness level further, I invite you to take the Potential Unlimited Fitness Challenge launching Monday, January 16!

I must admit that fitness is my passion. Not only am I a certified fitness leader in addition to owning my own Life and Career Development firm, Potential Unlimited, but I also have experienced the benefits from being in good shape in my own life. You see I had my second baby in 2011 and thanks to my Fitness Plan, I was able to lose more than 50 pounds in 4 months. I did not follow any strict workout plans or diets, but I just committed myself to living a healthy, active lifestyle.

Throughout the course of the Fitness Challenge, I will be sharing my tips with you regarding how I lost the weight. The Fitness Challenge will allow you the option to be a part of a completely free support group of others taking the Challenge. Also, you have complete access to me through this group to ask me any fitness-related questions. Free personal training advice! And, you will also have the ability to report to others each day about the exercise you are doing to motivate them. Or if there are days you are feeling low on energy, tell us and we will help support you and give you the energy to carry on! The goal is to do something active every day.

The Fitness Challenge lasts 14 days, ending on Sunday, January 29. Research has shown that it takes two weeks to start to form habits in our lives so I want you to begin to create a healthy routine to start your new year off right!

How do I participate in Potential Unlimited’s Fitness Challenge?

I am using Facebook as the main source of communications for this Challenge as I believe it is set up the best way for people to read each other’s comments in a single thread all in one place. So to get started, ‘Like’ Potential Unlimited. If you are not on Facebook, it is really easy to join by visiting You can also follow me on Twitter or Linked IN and I will share my comments there too or you can email me at with specific questions. But I would encourage as many as possible to join me on Facebook to receive the benefit of others taking part in the Challenge!

I am committed to helping you get in the best shape of your life. Stay tuned for videos, tips, inspirational stories and a lot of sharing about exercise routines both from me and from others taking part in the challenge. Help yourself. Help others. Share this post with your family and friends. I want to get as many people as possible on board with making their new year’s resolutions come true! Sign up today! NOTE: In order to participate in the Challenge, you MUST click ‘Like’ on Potential Unlimited’s Facebook page at the very top of the Web page. Clicking ‘Like’ on any postings on the news feed alone, will not enter you into the Challenge.

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  1. Alecia permalink
    January 13, 2012 4:20 pm

    I am still trying to figure out how to sign up for this challenge….

    • January 13, 2012 7:29 pm

      Hi Alecia.

      Thanks for reaching out to me on the Fitness Challenge starting Monday. Since I believe you already Follow Potential Unlimited on Facebook, you are already registered to be a part of this. You don’t need to do anything…just wait until Monday when I start to share videos on Facebook and comments. From there, just make sure you are visiting Facebook every day to find the latest part of the Challenge. And, share your experiences with others on the Potential Unlimited Facebook page. You can also ask me any fitness questions on Facebook. If you want to pass along the link to friends and family to join up, just tell them to click here –
      and hit ‘Like’ at the very top of the page!

      Get ready to pump it starting Monday!


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