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How I Lost 50 Pounds In 4 Months After Having A Baby…And How I Can Help You Get In Great Shape Too!

January 5, 2012

Losing weight and getting into shape can be a challenge. I am no stranger to weight loss, having had my second baby in 2011. But as a certified fitness leader (in addition to owning my Life and Career Firm, Potential Unlimited), I created a fitness plan for myself that helped me achieve my goals. The best part – it didn’t involve any strict diets or hardcore workouts. What it did involve was some commitment and a shift in thinking about my health. I want to share my Fitness Plan and more information about my mind shift with you.

First of all I want to say I believe the reason so many people fail on their diets and fitness plans is that they view it as a struggle and they are too hard on themselves. After my baby was born, I needed to let go of thinking of each day as a success or failure based on how much exercise I did or how many calories consumed. I needed to let go…I needed to give myself a break. And this is what I am suggesting for you too.

Place more emphasis on your health and less on your body image. Think about what you can eat, not about everything else out there that is ‘bad’ for you to eat. I think sometimes we want treats and we should have them. It is when we completely restrict ourselves from things we enjoy that we end up getting resentful and fall ‘off the wagon.’ Think about the big picture of your life and creating a healthy lifestyle, the best you can, in a way that works for you! What I am asking you for is more of a shift in your thinking which will lead your behaviours to follow.

Here are some details of my fitness plan to incorporate into your own life:

1. Cut yourself some slack! Don’t think of dieting and fitness as a fail-win scenario. Commit yourself to living a healthy lifestyle and the rest will fall into play. We all have cheat days and days we want to relax, so if that is the case for you, “don’t sweat it,” there is always tomorrow.

2. Don’t have junk food in your house. Even if you have it around for your kids, you’ll eat it too. So limit treats to once or twice a week and go out of the house to get them!

3. Do some exercise every day. This is actually easier than you think. This could be going for a 15 minute walk before you head to your car at the end of the work day. Or what I like to do is to go out at my lunch break. I have clients say to me that they can’t afford time away from their desks, but I actually believe people can’t afford not to take the time away. In my corporate life, I went to the gym or for a walk every day at lunch. It just became my routine and others saw that I took the time to take care of myself. Not only was I getting in shape by doing this, but I was also acting as a positive role model to others and helping to shape the culture.

Try to include a variety of exercise into your plan. I like running, yoga, walking, cycling and weight lifting. Do whatever you enjoy – just get your heart pumping!

4.Drink more water. Get into the habit of bringing a stainless steel water bottle with you to work and commit to drinking at least two bottles throughout the day. Not only will this curb your appetite but it will help to cleanse your body.

5. Eat more fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains. I like to put more of an emphasis on what I can eat versus trying to cut myself off from treats. I believe if you are too strict with yourself, your diet will not be successful.

6.Get a workout buddy or tell others about your plan. The more committed you are to living a healthy life, the more likely it will be sustainable. If you do not have a workout friend, write about your exercise and diet in a journal.

7. Get more sleep. When you are tired, you may be more tempted to grab fast food as you don’t have the energy to make a meal. Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself the rejuvenation you need to recharge.

8. Take part in Potential Unlimited’s Fitness Challenge, which kicks off Monday, January 16! Not only will you be able to ask me any of your fitness related questions so you have the free advice of a fitness leader, but you can also will get the support of others online who are participating in the challenge. Sign up now! Please Note: You must click ‘Like’ at the very top of the Potential Unlimited Facebook page to be included in the Challenge. Facebook is not set up in a way where just ‘liking’ a posting on the wall will let you receive info about the Challenge.

Watch my video on getting into great shape!

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