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Happy Valentine’s Day! Try This Exercise in Loving the Most Important Person in Your Life – You!

February 1, 2012

I work with many highly successful people as an executive coach at Potential Unlimited. These clients have more awards and accolades than I can mention in a full-page report, but what I find a common issue among people of all walks of life is their fear of failure and fear of not being good enough. Sound familiar? If so, I have an exercise for you to try that may help you to see yourself for the amazing person you really are.

When I was taking my coach’s training course, I participated in one of the demo coaching exercises in front of the class where I was being coached by the instructor. She asked me what am I grateful for in my life? I listed my family, friends, career, house and that I live in a wonderful country. She stopped me, and asked what I am grateful for about ME. I must have looked at her confused as she continued, “What is it about you, Carey-Ann, that you are really grateful for?” I had to stop and think. I have always been a confident person who has achieved success in the career world, and here I was stumped at what I was grateful for about me.

I want you to stop right now and think about what you are grateful for about you. No matter how bad your day or your health or your situation, there is always something to be grateful for about you.

Is it your courage? Perhaps it is that you have two beautiful hands that help you do so many amazing things in a day. Or, is it your strategic mind or your friendly personality? You are amazing and have been selling yourself short in your life if you are not fully recognizing it.

So now every night before I go to bed, I journal what I am grateful for about me. And then in the morning, I do a quick journal entry about what I am grateful for in the world, external to me and the great qualities I bring to the world.

It is amazing how I have changed my perspective over time by doing this exercise. I invite you to try this exercise for yourself. Be open to fully exploring what it is you bring. Not only will your confidence soar, but you will be able to offer more of yourself to your family and career when you truly understand what you really have to give.

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