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Looking forward to a lavish retirement? Read this!

May 3, 2012

Recent studies suggest women are only making 77 cents on average for every dollar earned by men performing similar roles. Not only is this disturbing from an equality point of view, but it also makes a massive impact on our ability to live comfortably in our retirement years.

Perhaps retirement seems many years away, but the reality is that our time will (hopefully!) come and we want to enjoy our well deserved break just as much as any man wants to. I work with a lot of great people in my Retirement Coaching program who want to move their lives from success to significance. They want to make a difference in the world and live happy, healthy lives. But, often having the money to do the fun things you want is part of that lifestyle.

I want to share with you a great article from Forbes on this very topic.

Women and the Retirement Perfect Storm

By: Maliz Beams is CEO of ING U.S. Retirement

Women lose approximately $434,000 in wages as a direct result of pay inequities, not to mention they are more likely to spend time out of the workforce due to caregiver responsibilities and live longer than men. This financial reality translates into reduced retirement savings for women. It’s not too late to start taking responsibility and control. (Read more)

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