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Keep Your Friends Close, and Your Enemies Closer

June 7, 2012

Recently, Time magazine printed an article about ways to turn enemies into allies. I suppose that goes back to the popular saying, ‘Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer!’ But, we all need to deal with difficult people, whether at work or in our personal lives. We have the option sometimes to avoid them, but often that isn’t completely possible. I would like to share with you some of the tips given in Time’s article.

Turning Adversaries into Allies

Anyone who has faced rivals at work — bosses who take all the credit, team members who undermine things — knows how difficult it is to ignore them. Instead, turn your adversaries into collaborators by following these three steps:


  • Redirect. Try to channel your rival’s negative emotions away from you by bringing up something you have in common, or talking about the source of the tension in a favorable light.
  • Reciprocate. Give up something of value to your rival — help complete a project or divulge important information — so you are poised to ask for something in return. Read more on this article…

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