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The Discreet Guide for Executive Women

June 22, 2012

I recently read ‘The Discreet Guide for Executive Women’ by Jennifer K. Crittenden. This book is chalk full of tips to help women survive and thrive in an executive career. The guide contained many different tips for women as they progress along their careers

I wished I would have picked up this book 15 years ago as there were times I remember feeling a bit unsure in the work world in my first few years starting out. At that time I was too shy (likely difficult for anyone to see me as shy now!) to talk to others to get their advice about some of these details talked about in the book. For those feeling like they are need of a knowledgeable guide on topics such as working with men and being seen as an ‘equal’ to topics like sexual harassment and what jobs to say yes to and those to say no to, this book would be a worthwhile read for you.

A tip from the book that is useful for those starting out is if you come from a marketing-oriented program at school, choose to work for a company that places a high priority on its marketing function to ensure you get good exposure which will lead to quicker promotions for a job well done.

Another piece of advice from Crittenden is that ‘Cream Rises to the Top.’ What she is talking about here is that those mean and unproductive people will eventually be found out so do your best to work with (or for) them until that time. Also, when you work hard you too will also rise to the top in a positive way. Having a positive attitude and trying your best really does pay off.

And the last piece of advice from this guide I will share with you is to ‘Keep it Light.’ Sounds so simple. But, I know many times throughout both my executive and entrepreneurial career, I’ve seen people get really stressed out about things that are not life-altering. Just like the popular saying ‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.’

Overall, I enjoyed this book. I found it to be a quick and easy read. I think it is a beneficial guide for any women in business, but especially someone just starting out in her career.

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