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Stress Test

September 18, 2012

“Complete freedom from stress is death.” – Hans Selye

Rate the following statements with numbers 1 through 4 as follows:

1. Rarely     2.Sometimes     3.Frequently     4. Always

1. I feel tired

2. I worry about problems or the future

3. I can spot all the things others are doing wrong

4. I need to be perfect at what I do

5. I skip my exercise/workout sessions

6. I feel sad

7. I am very competitive and need to win to feel good

8. I take on everyone else’s problems

9. I try to control others

10. I can’t do anything right

11. I avoid risks for fear of failure

12. I let my work pile up

13. I feel like I’m being pulled in all directions

14. I have a very negative attitude

15. I get headaches

16. I have too much to do and too little time to do it

17. I over-react to situations

18. I feel guilty if I relax and do nothing

19. I talk very quickly

20. I get angry or irritated easily

Now total your answers and see where you stand by adding up your scores.

The results are in…

If you scored more than 60, you are running yourself at full speed 24/7. If you haven’t started experiencing health conditions yet due to your busy life, you may be soon facing them. Proceed with caution…

50-59: You desperately need to work on stress reduction

40-49: You have a moderate amount of stress in your life

30-39: You are doing pretty well in the stress department, but could make some slight improvements to enhance your productivity and quality of life.

20-29: Did you just come back from vacation? You are in the perfect zone for experiencing a normal and healthy amount of stress that is not negatively impacting your life. Way to go!!

Tips for Busy Professionals

If you feel your life is too busy and you are stressed, remember this is just a moment in your life. You can change your busy patterns and I assure you when you do, you will actually see your productivity at work and your happiness soar.

1. Ensure you are adding exercise to each day.

2.Try meditating. Here is a great web site that has free meditation audio you can listen to at work or at home.

3.Take regular breaks throughout the day. I go one hour on and 10 minutes off (break time) throughout my entire day.

4.Eat healthy, organic foods (if possible).

5. Work with a coach. I specialize in coaching executives and entrepreneurs to achieve greater success in their careers through my holistic approach which also looks at issues such as stress management and wellness of the individual.

6. Take regular mini-vacations. Even day trips to new places can help you gain a new vantage point in your life.

7. Volunteer. Nothing helps us put our own stress in perspective quicker than being with others who are needier than ourselves.

8. Take a look at your to-do list and stroke off half of the items. What do you REALLY have to do today? Give yourself some room to breathe so you can focus more on fewer tasks and make greater impact.

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