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Drink Your Way To A Promotion!

January 2, 2014

The human body is made up of about 60 per cent water. We all know that drinking water is important for our health. But, did you know that it can have a substantial impact on the work you do?

Every day you lose between 2.5 to 3 litres of water automatically (and if you add exercise to the mix, you are losing even more when you sweat). That is equivalent to six of those 500 ml bottles of water you are losing from your body each day!

Consider the impact water has on your work performance. If you are not drinking about 12 glasses of water (or caffeine-free tea or fresh juice (although watch the sugar in juices)), you are dehydrated.

By the time your brain sends the signal to tell you that you are thirsty and you respond by reaching for a drink, you are already dehydrated to the point where you are experiencing a decline in mental and physical performance by up to 10 per cent. That is massive!

Most of us are living and working in a state of constant under performance. But we have no idea of our true potential because we are constantly dehydrated which means that we think our current performance level is our best. When in fact, you are capable of so much more. And who can forget that being properly hydrated has the potential to reduce headaches, sore muscles and lots of other health-related ailments. It is a win-win situation for your to drink more water.

And for those of you who fly for work or pleasure, the plot thickens here. For every hour you are in a plane, you lose 1 litre of water, equivalent to two of those regular-sized water bottles. So if you want to hit the ground running when you arrive at your destination and be your best, you need to replenish all of the water that you lost while on the plane. This means drinking more than usual before you board, drink up every time the drink cart goes by (and bring some water from the airport variety store) as well as drinking lots when you first arrive at your destination.

So, how do you drink all of this water in a day to be at your best? I would like to share Potential Unlimited’s Top Tips to Cleansing Your Body to Maximize Your Performance.

1. Purchase a stainless steel water bottle and bring it with you wherever you go. It is all about forming a habit of drinking more. Just like any habit, it will take about a month of conscious thinking to incorporate it. Then your body will actually crave water which will make it second nature to drink more.

2. Think about the benefits of drinking water on your mind and body. Print this article, post it and read it several times throughout the day to remind you that you’re helping yourself by simply hydrating your body.

3. Change it up. Add cucumber slices or lemon, even cranberries or strawberries to your water to add some variety and extra vitamins.

4. Try a trial. If you’re still not sure if you can get all of this water into your body each day, just commit to a trial for 21 days. I challenge you to do it for this small period of time. And I bet that once you see your performance and energy levels increase, you will want to keep doing it!

5. I often hear the question, what about all the times I will be running to the bathroom each day if I drink this water? In time, your body will actually regulate to your additional water intake and you will eventually be able to hold more. But in the meantime, giving yourself some additional work breaks in your day to go to the bathroom is actually another benefit that will increase your performance.

So go for it! Drink up! Cheers!

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