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How to Use Intentions to Achieve Your Goals in 2015!

December 12, 2014

Last January, I tried a new way of goal setting for the year. This was in addition to the traditional business planning I think is important for all leaders to do. But, I have also learned that this type of MBA business planning can take you only so far (speaking as a MBA grad myself!).

Throughout my life, I have always been very driven. I am goal oriented and work with laser focus to achieve what I set out to make happen. But about five years ago, I noticed there was something missing in the way I went about my work. There were times when it felt like I was trying too hard. Exerting too much effort, and trying to control situations that were actually left better out of my control. So last year, I experimented with intention-setting as a way of accomplishing my goals and as I do my year in review, I can say intention setting is very effective. It also reduced my stress considerably.

Interested in finding out how to use intention setting to achieve your goals? Follow these simple steps:

1. First of all, continue with your strategic business plans. They are important!

2. Now, take out a piece of paper and write down the goals you want most for 2015. These are overarching goals in your life as well as in your career and for your team/company. It could be to lose 10 pounds. Maybe you want to be promoted to a more senior role. It could be about financial goals you set for yourself around decreasing your personal debt.

You want to state your goals as clearly as you can with measurable targets. The only catch with these goals is they can’t be selfish ones that would harm others. They need to come from a pure place inside that knows you are connecting with your full potential.

3. Take a moment to reflect on these intentions. Close your eyes. Visualize what these changes in your life or company would look like and feel like to you. Say a silent pray to God, the universe, or just to yourself. Whatever feels right to you. Pray for strength to achieve your goals and to know when it is time to back away. Some things are just not meant for you, and that is okay. You really just need to trust that something actually better for you will come along if you don’t get what you initially want. And, it will.

4. Rip up the paper with your intentions into as many pieces as you can and throw it away. This is the part that seems completely opposite to traditional goal setting. Traditional goal setting and strategic planning is effective, but what I am talking about with intentions is a different process to supplement that. It is like putting the icing on the cake by adding another dimension to your planning. The ripping up of the paper symbolizes a letting go once you have set your intentions.

5. Continue throughout the year doing the best you can. Work as hard as you can, but then listen to the moments that are telling you that you are heading down a dead-end. We all have those times when it feels we are banging our heads against the wall trying to force an initiative to work when this little voice inside of us says that it isn’t going to work out anyway or if it does, it won’t be the right initiative and we’ll have to spend more time to redo it. Trust your gut instinct.

I realize this concept is completely philosophical, but it works. I was amazed to see that I achieved a lot more this past year, despite many obstacles life has thrown at me.

You may wonder how you can remember your goals 12 months later if you have ripped them up. I don’t know if I remember all of my intention setting goals, but I do remember the main 3 points that seemed to stick out in my mind. They were definitely stretch goals for me and I got them. And some of them it would have taken almost a miracle to make happen, but I had some unreal things happen that validates the theory that when you work as hard as you can and then let go, the universe will support you in following the path of success that feels right for you. I thank the angels who have supported me in my intentions. You know who you are!

One of the best parts of intention setting is that it is all about trusting that if you do your absolute best, that what is meant to happen, will happen. It takes away the pressures to control or force situations as well as the frustrations you may feel when you don’t get what you want. Often with intentions you get what you set out for because it does come from a pure place based on what is best for you and the world. This is a case of getting what you want and what you need. Have fun with this and be open to some of the magic of life happening for you!

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