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What Energy Are You Putting Out Into The World?

June 7, 2016

Most people give very little thought to the energy they project into the world. Yet, this energy has the power to motivate and inspire others or it can hurt and disappoint those around you. We are constantly putting our vibes out there. If you don’t believe me, try this simple exercise. Greet someone with positive energy.  Smile at them and give them your full attention. Show them you care. Now, watch their response.  How does this differ from the normal response you receive from people when you talk to them in a hurried, serious manner?

I recently had an A-ha moment about my energy that took place while I was sitting in a lawn chair at the sidelines of a soccer field, watching my 5-year old.  I was sitting a few feet away from the other parent beside me, legs crossed and very focused, serious face, watching my girl.  It struck me in that moment that if you were to have taken the Carey-Ann from 10 years ago and transplanted her here beside me, the energy would have been very different. I would have been more open, talkative and energetic. My facial expressions would have been more animated and happy. My body language would have definitely been more relaxed.

But, what happens over time is that our energy becomes a product of our life’s experiences.  10 years ago, I didn’t have children. Since then, I have become more protective. I take my job as a parent very seriously.  Then I suffered a brain injury and being around too much stimulation still gives me headaches so I have learned over the years to close in my world and try to control more of the elements to reduce pain. Yet, it does take energy to try to control the world around me. And then watching my Dad die of cancer last year before my eyes scared me. It was like watching our mortality as a human race unfold right in front of me.  All of these events, plus escalating career responsibilities, have turned me into a more serious person whose energy is more closed.

So right there on the sidelines, I made a decision to become open. I acknowledge that over the years I have made a massive transformation in my thoughts and behaviours. I treat myself with great respect and I no longer feel the need to cram so many to do’s into my days to feel good about myself. But, I realize there is still more work to do around my energy. I want to radiate joy. To laugh loudly again. To allow my responsibilities to let go a little more. To have fun and to share that with others.  I can take these valuable life experiences that have closed my energy to remind myself that life is short and I want to be more open.

Perhaps, you too, have noticed a shift over the years in the person you have become and the energy you are sending into the world. Maybe it was becoming a parent, an executive, caring for an ill loved one, a divorce, a death or a personal crisis of some kind that has shaped you. A life event that has changed you to become more serious, maybe even more fearful.

My challenge to you is to let go. To acknowledge there are many gifts you have received along the way, but now you get to choose the energy you possess. Choose open. Choose fun. Choose life is too short to be rigid in our energy so open to the possibilities of the world. Share love and happiness freely in everything you do. And, you might be surprised how the world sends more of this goodness right back at you.

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