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Grandma, I Remember…

September 9, 2016

Last evening, my Grandma Wilken passed away. She is my Mother’s Mom. Grandma was a dear soul and very special to me. I wrote this poem for her birthday, two years ago, shortly after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Grandma, you will be missed.

I Remember

I remember when your grey hair was brown.

I remember going fishing with you and watching you make real maple syrup in the bush.

I remember loving going to the farm and seeing you with all of your animals.

I remember writing my school speech on you because you’re so free and adventurous.

I remember spending the night at the farm and making yummy yellow cookies.

I remember meals at Grandma and Grandpa’s house and loving being with you.

I remember going on trips with you and Mom and having lots of fun.

I remember the truck drivers honking at you because of your good looks!

I remember your wild sense of adventure and ability to be the life of the party that I have inherited from you.

I remember tricking your neighbours and old family friends dressed in Halloween costumes (some times not even on Halloween!) and we never did tell…

I remember playing games with you and the boys and dancing around!

I remember pranking you on the phone…my friends always thought you were the coolest Grandma that we had that kind of fun relationship.

I remember seeing you with my children and making you a ‘Great’ Grandma.

In this life, our memories can be taken. The details and pictures in our minds can fade in time or they can be stolen away by an injury or health related condition. But there is something deeper I remember about you, my sweet Grandma, than all of the memories.

I remember the feeling of love produced by 40 years of our beautiful relationship. That is something that stays with us until the end of time and beyond.

Us, May birds, are one of a kind. We are strong, wild and free. We love to laugh. We are independent.  Sometimes we hit rough patches and life can bring us down, but that is only a part of our journey. Grandma, I am in you and you are in me.

That is something I will always remember.

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