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Carving Out Your Own Leadership Style Within Your Organization!

November 3, 2016

Have you ever wished you were a more inspiring leader, but feel you are too busy in the execution of the job that you really haven’t spent much time reflecting on how you want to carve out your own, authentic leadership style? I encourage you to take 5 minutes now to read this article and begin thinking about some simple steps you can put in place to set you on the right course!

Regardless if you are just starting at a new company or have been there for 25 years, there is an opportunity to look within yourself and bring more to your job. I am not talking about giving more hours or even energy, it is about giving more of who you are to the role and your people. How do you do that?

  1. Identify what is important to you in terms of leadership characteristics. List three to five characteristics.
  2. Where are you acting inconsistently with these characteristics now?
  3. Assess the development gap.
  4. Write down a quick action plan for yourself to progress on leading in a way that feels right for you.

Challenges you may face:

What if the organization’s culture doesn’t align with the values you hold or if you are working for an extremely different leader? How do you operate authentically within those environments?

1.Spend some time assessing your leader’s style. Avoid being judgemental of him or her and saying things like, “they are a stress case.” Simply list characteristics such as: procrastinator, charismatic or introverted, etc.

2. Ask your leader how they prefer to communicate with you. Is it once a week, email, open door anytime policy. Really understand their needs – what they want and how they want it. The best way to know is to ask!

3. Now, assess your culture (both departmental and organizational). List characteristics of these cultures. Are they consistent with each other? No need to judge them. I am just asking you to understand them.

4. It is time to review your own aspirational leadership characteristics and compare them to that of your leader, department and organization. Consider where can you be of service while working to be a stronger leader in your own right. Where can you fill a gap that others in your area do not have the skills to do?  How can you work with your leader, department and organization as a partner, considering ways to bring even more of your true self out in the work place?

Often we don’t spend the time to make these more formalized assessments of ourselves and our working culture. Then we find ourselves morphing into the culture around us – whether we realize it or not. I am encouraging you to bring more awareness to who you want to be that feels authentic for you and understand that there is a need for the real you in the workplace, not just for someone who acts the part.  This is the path to greater work and life satisfaction.  And if people don’t like the person you are, there are always other opportunities with people who will appreciate the special qualities you bring to a leadership role.

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