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5 Years Ago Today, I Suffered A Brain Injury

July 18, 2017
5 years ago today I suffered a brain injury after a freak accident at a medical clinic – of all places! This day is hanging heavy on me today. I think of all the time I spent in the dark room – weeks – after the injury. In pain, not able to talk to anyone or read or listen to anything…just lie there in the dark and try not to stress or do anything to stimulate my brain. I think about everything I have lost – all this time with my girls, years spent eating dinner in my darkened bedroom. I think of everything that was just dumped onto my husband starting that day. The stress of this situation and everything it has cost him, me and our family.
Then I shift to the pain. The physical pain and all of the symptoms and the emotional sadness. The feeling of being stupid because I couldn’t use my brain to make simple decisions about even what I wanted to eat. So much heartache.
But, then I think of the gifts. That I was forced to slow down my busy Type A life. I learned how to be present. I have learned more about patience and myself than I would have ever learned without the brain injury. I have learned so many amazing tools around mindfulness and pacing, gratitude and compassion (to name just a small few) that I now use in my own life and ironically I now use with my coaching clients all the time.
Today, I reflect on everything I have lost and everything I have gained. And, I feel proud of myself and my family that we have made it to where we are – to where so many doctors told me I would never get to. I continue to recover. I still experience symptoms, but I am living proof of neuroplasticity. So for those out there with brain injuries, my advice to you is to accept where you are today, but never give up hope for continued healing.
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