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What is Stress Costing You? What is Stress Costing Your Organization?

January 5, 2012

Have you ever felt so stressed you just wanted to escape your life? Do you toss and turn at night thinking about everything you feel you need to do? Are you noticing you’ve put on some extra pounds because you are ‘too busy’ to exercise? Or, have you snapped at your child and then felt awful for over-reacting? If you are feeling this kind of stress, know there is help for you. It is called The Ultimate Retreat.

The world we live in is becoming increasingly busy with demands facing us in all areas of our lives. Add technology to the mix and we are now ‘on’ 24/7. We have turned into multitasking machines, but the reality is we are still human beings and we all have our limits. The race is on – we are trying to be quicker and do more than the next person – to be the best. But, our lives are like marathons and there is no way you win a marathon doing a full sprint the whole way!

We need breaks. We need to pace ourselves. We need to listen to our bodies and our minds. But, the problem is many of us over the years have been conditioned to not listen to what is going on within ourselves, but to put more emphasis on the feedback  given to us from the outside world.

It seems to me that at least once a week, I have a client express to me that he/she feels like it is impossible to lead while maintaining peace and balance in his/her life. Like it is a choice – your life or your job! From my executive experience, I strongly disagree. In fact, I think the more balance and clarity you have in your life, the better you are as a leader. Sure, there is no doubt that being a successful professional requires hard work. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. The key is tapping into your passion and working at something you enjoy.

I strongly believe there is a missing piece here for executives and their corporations. Think about it…as you climbed your way up the corporate ladder, you were likely offered management or technical courses to help prepare you for each position. But have you ever been offered a management program specializing in stress management designed for leaders? Management programs can be great, but they never include any content about preparing managers and leaders to face the accelerated levels of stress that are part of their every day lives as executives.

Because of the great need in the area of stress management for executives, I have created The Ultimate Retreat, designed specifically for leaders and high potentials. This potentially life-changing program, held at a destination fitness spa in Utah, teaches participants tools and techniques to manage all of the priorities in their lives as leaders.

Not only will leaders be more relaxed and positive around their staff if they are able to better manage their stress (which will positively impact your overall culture), but they will be more clear-minded and focussed, making them more effective decision makers. Leaders have a lot of pressure, they really need more than the occasional vacation to unwind. They need to learn tools they can put into practice every day to help prevent burnout before it begins to take control (of their careers) and can thus affect your bottom line when these individuals burnout, go on stress leave or leave your organization to go somewhere else in hopes it will be a change of pace for them.

The Ultimate Retreat is a corporate wellness program designed specifically for leaders and high potentials. It can act as a succession planning and retention tool as well, it is one of the best gifts you can give your leaders in terms of perks to recognize their hard work and contributions to the organization.

I lead each of the Ultimate Retreats myself. I love these retreats as they allow me the opportunity to combine my strengths and passions of coaching, executive experience, MBA education, meditation studies and my fitness certification to help make some lifelong changes in executives.

So often we don’t hesitate to spend money on landscaping, new clothes, or items for our children. And yes, these things are important, but we tend to put our own needs last. If you feel like I am talking right to you when I describe the stress you face in your role, please sign up today for The Ultimate Retreat.

Make 2012 the year you invest in yourself. Don’t waste any more precious time living a life that is second best when you know deep down inside you are capable of so much more. Trust me, this retreat will pay dividends in your life for many years to come. Don’t put off signing up as I only have a limited number of spaces. Make the commitment to yourself today! View the retreat schedule and learning objectives.

View the retreat business case to share with your employer for funding

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    January 24, 2012 4:33 pm

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